Drywall Repair

Holes In Your Wall?

When V and S Painting Services has painted for customers in the past, we have often found holes in their wall. Whether it was their kids who would beat on their walls as many kids do, or maybe it was their tenants that didn’t have respect for their walls. Regardless of the situation, our team of highly trained professionals will get the job done for you so you don’t have to worry about those holes in your wall anymore.  

Our team will ensure to repair any and all holes or damage in the walls while we are painting your residential or commercial property. If you have an upcoming project that includes some pieces of drywall to be removed or repaired,  we will get the drywall up for you and you can go on with your busy life. Drywalling and Plastering is part of our painting package, so if it’s needed while we’re on the job, it will surely be done.

Training Matters For Drywall

This incredible team is trained to know what to do with any size holes that are needed to be dealt with. For example, if you have a hole any larger than a quarter then we have to Replace the drywall in that entire section. If the whole is a size of a quarter or smaller then it may be possible to fix it without fixing the drywall first. However we did say that it may be possible because it depends on the temperature, humidity, and products used in the household.  These things can cause the small holes to bubble up once you plaster it which is exactly what you do not want. 

We Got This!

Our team’s expertise can help you out of a big drywall disaster problems. There are many don’ts that you may not know about and there are many dues for drywall that you may not know about as well. let our team of  trained professionals do the boring and messy work for you. we promise you will be ecstatic about the end result and won’t even know where that hole was before.  Give us a call today to at 705-996-3255 if you would like to discuss or if you have any questions, our team will be delighted to answer them for you. I prefer, you can simply request a quote and will get back to you as quickly as possible. Thank you for stopping by and have yourself a great day.

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