Famous People who used to be Plumbers

You’ve sprung a leak at home on a Thursday afternoon, thankfully the plumber is on the way to bail you out. As he get’s stuck in, fiddling with your mains your mind begins to wander. Was this man always a plumber? Will he always be a plumber? Chances are the answer is no to both questions! Here is a list of some famous (and infamous) people who used to be plumbers.Famous People who used to be Plumbers

Pretty Boy Floyd

One of America’s Depression Era’s most notorious gangsters, Charles Arthur ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd worked for a spell as a plumber’s assistant while serving a stint in prison. I’m sure had he not carried on his Robin Hood-esque life of crime he could’ve been a sterling plumber. He was killed by the FBI whilst resisting arrest in 1934.

Bob Hoskins

Let’s be honest, of all the people on this list, you can more easily see good old Bob Hoskins in the role of a plumber than anyone else. Maybe it’s the short and bald thing he has going on; but then again, maybe I’m typecasting plumbers. Before he took up the acting mantle at the age of 25, he had had a string of sometimes menial jobs. Whilst some of those jobs were not edifying, his time as a plumber’s assistant was. It at least prepared him for taking on the role of the world’s greatest plumber in the criminally underrated ‘Super Mario Bros’ film. And that wasn’t even the only film where he played a plumber!

Screaming Lord Sutch

Few politicians can claim to have such a flamboyant a wardrobe as the sorely missed Screaming Lord Sutch. Before being a thorn in the side of tedious politicians whilst heading the Monster Raving Looney Party, he was a rock and roller. It was before THAT when he was a fully qualified plumber. Maybe that is the natural evolution of a plumber: plumber » rock star » leader of whimsically mental political party…

Ronnie Laine

Running with the plumber/musician theme, the next celeb on our list who started life as a plumber was bassist and founding member of the Small Faces, Ronnie Laine. Once he bought his first guitar though it was the end of his plumbing career.

Michael Caine

Michael Caine used to be a plumber’s assistant, not a lot of people know that. Amongst a number of jobs that he worked at after completing his national service in Korea, Michael Caine worked as a plumber’s assistant in the day and took acting classes in the evening.

Simone DeCavalcante

It was in Mafioso ‘Sam the Plumber’s’ plumbing supply shop that the FBI planted an illegal bug to eavesdrop on their criminal activities, creating what was known as the ‘Goodfella Tapes’. However as the wiretap was illegal, none of the evidence was permissible in court.

Whilst these celebrities may have some plumbing experience, there aren’t going to be coming round to fix your pipes anytime soon, for that you need to call the experts

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