LED Bathroom Lighting

LED bathroom lighting is an excellent choice regardless of whether you choose it because you want to save money on your electric bill or whether you want to make a choice for sustainability when it comes to your lighting choices.  But before you choose LED lighting for your bathroom or anywhere else in your house, it may help to understand just what LED lighting is.

What is LED Lighting?

LED is an acronym that stands for “light emitting diode.”  A light emitting diode is a device that converts electricity into light by harnessing the movement of electrons.  This incredibly high-tech process was first invented in the 1920’s in Russia, but didn’t get put to practical use for the marketplace until the 1960’s when the computer revolution really got rolling.

These light emitting diodes can be used in lighting fixtures such as luminous dial clock radios.  They can also take the form of ‘strip’ lighting that can be placed under counters or along floorboards in order to give a sense of directional lighting.  They can also be put in light-bulb like fixtures that can be used just like any other light bulb.

The Advantages of LED Lighting

LED lighting has a number of advantages over standard incandescent or even fluorescent lighting.  For one thing, LED lighting consumes far less energy than traditional light bulbs.  In fact, they are over 300% more efficient than fluorescent lighting and more than 1,000% better than traditional incandescent light bulbs.  But it is not just their energy efficiency that makes LED lighting better, it is also the way that they are made.

LED lighting contains no toxins such as mercury, and they emit no UV light.  They also do not generate much in the way of heat, so bulbs do not get hot the way traditional light bulbs do.  They are also incredibly robust, meaning that they can stand up to strong vibrations; a fact that makes them a favorite in industrial settings and in locations that are prone to earthquakes.

The Disadvantages of LED Lighting

Of course there are disadvantages to LED lighting.  For one thing, they are far more expensive to purchase than their fluorescent or incandescent brethren.  They last much longer, however, so that differential does even out in the long run.  Also, they are heat sensitive, so they need to be used with a consistent current.  If your home or business’s current tends to fluctuate, LED bathroom lighting may not be the choice for you.  Also, currently, LED lighting (when they are not being used in bulb-form) are best used as directional lighting such as under counters or cabinets or around the edges of the walls, which means that.  If you choose bulb form for your LED lighting, however, you can use the lighting in all of the same kinds of fixtures you would put any other bulb in.

In short, LED bathroom lighting is an excellent choice if you are looking to save money on your electric bill or even if you simply wish to put less toxins and chemicals into the landfills and into the air that you breathe.

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