Heated Bathroom Floors

There is nothing like heated bathroom floors to lend a sense of elegance and pampering to any bathroom no matter how large or small.  But if you choose to heat the floors of your bathroom, know that you are not only pampering yourself and your family, but you are adhering to a history that extends back to Neolithic times. It is defiantly a luxury to have heated floors in the bathroom, so why not?

A Short History of Heated Floors

Did you know that Archeologists have uncovered evidence that Neolithic man had figured out how to heat the floors of their subterranean homes?  That’s right, by digging trenches in the floors of their homes and then covering them; they managed to force heated smoke from their fires through the trenches in order to send extra heat into their living areas.  Over the millennia this technique evolved with pipes and electrical cables replacing the smoke-filled trenches, but the fact remains, heating one’s floors has a long history.

Today heated floors are not in as much use as they used to be, primarily because of the use of central heating and wall-to-wall carpeting in many homes (though many homes built on slabs still make use of it).  But when it comes to bathrooms (which traditionally have hard or non-porous surfaces for convenience) having toasty floors is a welcome return to tradition.

Choices for Heated Bathroom Floors

Thankfully technology has progressed well beyond the need to force smoke through hand dug trenches in order to heat our bathroom floors.  In fact, there are a good number of choices when it comes to picking a method of heating your bathroom floors.

If you wish to make a lasting choice and are looking at building a new home, you can choose to have radiant heating cables installed beneath your floors.  If you are motivated you can also choose to tear up your current flooring and have these heating elements installed beneath the flooring in order to evenly heat your bathroom floors.  However, if tearing out your floors is not an option (or within your budget) you can look at purchasing floor heating mats.

Floor heating mats are a (relatively) inexpensive way of getting the feel of a heated bathroom floor without undergoing any major reconstruction.  You simply unroll the mat, hook it to the appropriate cables, then you can put throw rugs over the mat itself if it clashes with your color scheme.  Most of the heating mat technology comes with manuals and cables that show you how to hook it up to your home’s current heating system and usually include a thermostat so that you can control the level of heat that you want your mat to produce.

While we have come a long ways from hand dug trenches filled with smoke, the appeal of a warm floor beneath our feet is as strong now as it was in Neolithic times and, thankfully, heated bathroom floors are much easier to achieve now than they were then.

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