Contemporary Bathroom Vanities

The sheer number of choices in contemporary bathroom vanities means that you no longer have to settle for a boring old box in which to put your sink.  Today you can choose a vanity that expresses your individual taste and style and bring a fresh flavour to an otherwise slightly dull room. Their are so many deferent styles of bathroom vanities to choose from but we would like to show you the benefits to contemporary vanities.

The Advent of the Modern Bathroom

Today’s modern bathroom has come a long way from the boring ‘necessary’ room that for decades has been ignored by interior designers and indeed by homeowners themselves.  The last few decades have seen a tremendous increase in the attention given to the family bathroom, and the new technologies have ensured that there are even more bathroom vanities available; in a wider range of materials and styles; than ever before.  Even for those bathrooms that are planned out to the square inch, there are enough choices for vanities in enough exciting colors and textures and styles to satisfy even the most demanding of tastes.

Selecting a Vanity

When it comes to contemporary bathroom vanities, there are still two things that most people are looking for; functionality and durability, for a vanity is specifically designed for one thing; to house the bathroom sink and to store bathroom supplies. But even when the vanity is being chosen due to functionality and durability, there are still hundreds of choices for all budget levels.

So what should you be looking for in a vanity?  Size of course is important, especially for those bathrooms where everything is planned out to the square inch.  But luckily, most vanities are made to standard sizes which are used by most bathrooms, so unless you are looking to have a vanity custom made, the chances are that you will be able to find a vanity that will not only fit the sink you already have, but the space in which you wish to place it.

But it isn’t just size that is important, it is also the durability of the vanity.  Contemporary bathroom vanities should be structurally sound, especially since they get leaned on when people are peering into mirrors or brushing their teeth, so the cabinet should not move when leaned against, and its doors should open and close without catching or banging into walls.

The material you choose for you vanity is purely a matter of personal preference and budget constraints, for vanities are available in nearly every style and material you can possibly imagine.  Wood, particle board, plastic, metal, acrylic, enamel, marble and even glass; you name it, they have probably made a bathroom vanity out of it, so the choice in materials, textures and colors will be completely between you and your bank account.

Truly, there is no need to settle for a boring old box; not anymore.  Today you can spice up your bathroom with a fresh new contemporary bathroom vanity, and make sure that your bathroom will take its place as a room deserving of decoration and attention to detail.

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