Contemporary Bathroom Lighting

Contemporary bathroom lighting now plays a significant part in the look and feel of a modern bathroom, and the choices that you make when designing or remodeling your bathroom can make a significant difference in the way your bathroom looks and feels.

What a Difference a Light Makes

Gone are the days of the lone light bulb over the bathroom sink, or the plain little lighting fixture in the middle of a bare bathroom ceiling.  Today’s bathrooms are making great use of contemporary bathroom lighting, and this can include both direct and indirect lighting as well as some architectural tips and techniques that make use of natural daylight to help light the modern bathroom.

Think of everything you use the bathroom light for and you will see at once why one light or one light fixture no longer cuts it when it comes to lighting your bathroom.  Not only do you use the light in the bathroom for bathing, but for putting on makeup, styling hair, shaving and, of course, for setting the mood, so why should you settle for one light fixture?

Today, contemporary bathroom lighting is used not only for general or overall lighting, but to highlight specific areas, such as recessed directional lighting over the sink, or around a mirror as well as spotlights to highlight specific architectural or artistic touches that give the modern bathroom its touch of class, and a little forethought can make all the difference when you are designing your bathroom.

Types of Lighting

When it comes right down to selecting the lighting for your bathroom, you need to take into consideration the three kinds of lighting; general lighting, task lighting and accent lighting.

In a mid-sized bathroom this could be seen as an overhead ceiling fixture for the general lighting; lights mounted over the mirror for task-specific lighting; and a directional accent light turned on a piece of artwork or a down light placed over a plant to bring it into relief.

Keep in mind that the modern bathroom can also use architectural details to bring in natural light.  This includes skylights as well as the use of glass blocks in place of external walling in order to allow a greater amount of natural light into a room.

Types of Light Fixtures

When purchasing or choosing your light fixtures, make sure that you select fixtures that are designed for use in a bathroom; this means that they are designed to deal with steam and overall dampness and will not react adversely to getting inadvertently splashed or subjected to disrupting squirts of shampoo or bubble bath. Most home decorating or supply stores have fixtures marked specifically for bathrooms so that you will not inadvertently install the wrong type of lighting in your bath.

It truly is a brave new world, so don’t be shy when selecting your bathroom lighting, being creative and a little daring can make all the difference to the overall flavor and tone of your bathroom, and there are so many types and styles of contemporary bathroom lighting to choose from that you should have no problem finding the fixtures and styles that are right for you.

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