Bathroom Corner Units

When homeowners think about remodeling the bathroom more often than not, they overlook the prospect of using a corner shower stall.  With the trends in bathroom design leaning towards clear glass enclosures, bathroom corner units shower stalls can add striking visual appeal as well as being functional.  There are a variety of styles and designs available in the market today, thus you will surly find a model that fits your preferences in design and function perfectly.  Additionally, with all of the various options available, bathroom corner units shower stalls give you endless options in terms of design and style, and they can be incorporated seamlessly into your bathroom.  Whatever design style you are aiming to achieve, most likely you will be able to find a corner shower stall that will complement the new bathroom style you want.

Another great advantage of bathroom corner units shower stalls is that they are a great space saving option in small bathrooms.  Available varieties can get as little as 30 inches. There are some larger more luxurious models which can be a fun addition to a private bathroom that is equipped with a separate tub.  Whatever direction you go, bathroom corner units shower stalls may be the best way forward.

Bathroom corner units shower stalls are easy to put into any size space fitting neatly into the corner of your bathroom.  There are a surprisingly large number of options such as custom bathroom corner units shower stalls to prefabricated ones. They are amazingly easy to install, especially if you hire a plumber to take care of the necessary plumbing connections and complete the installation yourself.  The addition of a corner bathroom stall will open up your bathroom, making it look and feel much bigger.

A custom corner shower stall is built on the site. The advantage is that you will have the freedom of choosing the exact size, shape, and style of your unit.  Furthermore, custom versions allow you flexibility in choosing faucets, toilets, and other bathroom necessities and accessories.  The main disadvantage of a custom built corner shower stall is the high cost of the materials and labor involved in the project.

Corner shower stall kits that are pre-built are much cheaper and ideal for a budget-conscious project. Units are composed of acrylic and fiberglass which make them very affordable and available in a variety of different sizes to fit your needs. With a little knowledge and the ability to follow directions, even novice remodelers can install them without the help of a professional.  This also reduces the cost of your remodeling project which means greater returns on your investment.

In conclusion, when trying to decide on whether to add a custom corner shower stall or a prefabricated one you will need to consider your budget, the configuration of the bathroom, the amount of work required to complete the installation and design you are using to help you figure out which option will be the perfect fit for your bathroom remodeling project.  You will also want to take into account how the cost of the custom shower stall versus the ready made one as it relates to your return on investment.  Remodeling can be a very costly venture, but if you think it through and carefully consider all of these items, it will be very easy for you to determine which type of corner shower stall is best for your project.

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