How To Choose The Best Shelves – Floating Shelving, Corner Shelves, and more!

Shelving is important to have in any room, since it can be used for a multitude of items. Whether it is used to arrange books, or to place items on display, shelving is something that can we cannot do without. You may choose to have your shelves put in your home by contractors, however shelf installation is a great do-it-yourself project. Looking at pictures on the internet may give you an idea of how you would like your shelving to look.  Listed below is a few different styles of shelving:

  • Floating Shelving – Floating shelving is called just that, since it appears to float over walls, giving the impression that it is unattached to screws or hinges. Fixed bracket shelving is attached by visible nails and pins, which can be seen easily. Floating shelves, also known as torsion box shelves, are an excellent way of displaying special items. They also make a beautiful addition to any home.
  • Free Standing Shelves – Free standing shelving is perfect for either display or storage purposes. Since they are portable, these durable shelves can be moved to just about any area.
  • Top Hung Storage Shelving – Top hung shelves are frequently used in storerooms and classrooms, to store and display items. They come with metal sections, which mount onto the wall. One drawback is, that they are only suitable for heavier weighted walls.
  • Corner Shelves – Corner shelves are a fantastic way to broaden your storage, without using up too much space. They are excellent to use in corners and areas that are hard to access. Corner shelves can either be hung on walls, or placed on the floor. They are available in laminated wood, solid wood, or plastic, and are commonly used to store or display items.
  • Built- In Shelves – Built-in shelves are without a doubt, one of the easiest shelf systems to install. These shelves can easily fit into nooks and unused spaces of a home, and are an efficient way to maximize awkward spots. The simplest kind of built in shelving, is a single wooden plank, placed horizontally over a wall opening. They can be installed almost anywhere, such as under cabinets or on top of foundation walls.
  • Fixed Bracket Shelving Units – Fixed bracket shelves are generally made with individual brackets, which are used as a singular shelving system. With additional brackets, they can be used to make a multi- unit shelf system. The brackets are most likely made from wood or metal. They are either hinged, or attached directly to a wall. They are supported with metal or plastic shelf pins, which vary in thickness and size. These shelves are fast and easy to install. Bracket shelves, also called suspension shelving is sold in a wide variety of decorative styles and colors.

Before looking at the shelves’ features, you should first decide how big of a shelf you need. Shelves that are made for media items, are built for certain types of devices, such as CD’s or MP3 players. Wireless shelf systems are the most interchangeable, and adapt to most every space.

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