6 Key Considerations When Buying Interior Lamps

Interior lamps can improve indoor style, décor, and ambiance significantly. For instance, you can use such lamps to give your home a contemporary, modern, classic, eclectic, neo-contemporary, or traditional look. With that in mind, here are six key considerations when buying interior lamps:


The type of lamp you purchase will largely depend on your lighting needs. The options available include floor, table, desk, or wall-mounted-lamps. Of course, you can combine more than one type of lighting fixtures to highlight a piece of art or flood a room with more light. With this in mind, other than the power cord snaking its way to a power outlet, you do not have to worry about installation hassles if you go for a floor lamp. Such a lamp would allow you to accentuate lighting by simply adding a lampshade. In addition, you can use a floor lamp as a design element. A good example is using a vintage-style floor lamp to enhance a room’s traditional look. The purpose of a desk lamp is to provide “task light” for purposes such as reading. For the best functionality, go for a desk lamp with an adjustable neck and downward facing shade. Finally, a table lamp usually accentuates light in a room. It can also function as a reading light fixture. To provide light throughout an entire room, go for a wall-mounted or a torchiere-style floor lamp


Another aspect to consider when buying a lamp is style. Common and popular lamp styles include:
• Traditional
• Tiffany
• Art shade
• Contemporary
• Torchiere
• Task/reading
• Arts and crafts
• Gooseneck
• Magnifier
• Organizer
• Buffet
• Console
• Arc
• Tray
• Swing arm

Of course, you should choose a lamp-style that suits your lighting needs. For example, if you want an ornate and standalone lighting fixture that stretches up to six feet high, go for the torchiere-style floor lamp.


Choose a lamp that comes with a detachable or customizable shade because it would allow you to replace its shade with one that matches a particular room’s décor. Moreover, you can use themed lampshades for different occasions, such as Christmas. In essence, there are plenty of standalone lampshades straddling a wide range of varieties, colors, shapes, styles and patterns.


Before buying a lamp, evaluate its features carefully. The general rule of thumb is to choose lamps that come with functionality enhancing features. A good example would be a lamp that you can turn on/off using your smartphone or tablet.

Bulb Type

To keep your energy bills low, choose a lamp that has an energy-efficient bulb. Common bulb types include incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, LED, and compact fluorescent (CFL). LED, fluorescent and CFL bulbs are energy-efficient and generally last longer. Moreover, they provide the same light output as high wattage bulbs.


Some key factors to consider when buying interior lamps include type, style, bulb type, shade, and additional features. This approach will serve you well when interior lamps online or from your local brick-and-mortar store.

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